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There are many things to consider when purchasing a home, land or commercial property in Pagosa Springs.  To begin with, consider these questions:

1) Is this a primary home or vacation property? If this is a vacation home, how much time each year to you intend to use the home?

2) How much can you afford to spend?  If you need more help with this topic, see this website:

Kiplingers Housing Affordability Tool

3) How many bedrooms & bathrooms would you like to have?  Do you know approximately the square footage you are interested in finding?  Do you need a hobby room, home office, game room or any other extra space beyond a typical floor plan?

4) Do you want to only look at "turn-key" properties, meaning absolutely ready to move in without doing a thing?  Could you paint and do minor cosmetic TLC?  Would you consider a fixer upper to either save money or acquire more home for the dollar?

5) How far from town are you comfortable living? In Pagosa you can be 6 minutes from town or as much as 40 minutes or more on some of the bigger ranches.  If this is a vacation home, sometimes the distance isn't as important as the setting but you do need to be prepared for longer trips for groceries, golf, skiing, the hot springs and other activities that take place close to town.

6) Do you like to garden, work in the yard, landscape or do you prefer a natural environment that requires minimal upkeep?

7) Are you looking for a horse property or a larger tract of land?  Pagosa Springs land sizes typically go as follows: Resort Lot (usually .25-.5 acres), 3- 6 acres, 10 acres, 35 acres and large ranches (100 acre+). There are a handful of exceptions to these sizes but a majority of the land parcels in Pagosa follow the above sizes.  Due to subdivision laws in the State of Colorado, the most limited land size is anything between 10 - 35 acres. 

8) Do you want a home/property you can enjoy the day of closing or are you willing to wait to have a home built to your specifications? 

Now for the things that may be unique to buying property in Pagosa Springs (somewhat in order of importance); water, utilities, covenants & restrictions, property values in different locations, insurance, the offer process,  obtaining financing , closing process, and the list goes on.  These are the things that the team members at The Pagosa Source deal with every day.  Once we have a general idea of what your dream property in Pagosa would be, we will go through these items with you one by one.  We will help you navigate the unique features, tasks and complexities involved in purchasing a home or land in Pagosa Springs.

Use the "Contact Us" link on our website or e-mail directly to with answers to as many of the questions above that you are able to answer at this point.  Feel like you aren't sure about any of those questions?  We'll help you with a brief consultation call getting to know you and narrowing a few things into focus so you can begin pursuing your dream of owning mountain real estate in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

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